Combat Commander Europe v2.5 now avialable

Version 2.5 of the Combat Commander Europe module, along with updated extensions, is now available. A number of changes and fixes have been made:

  • Color text to event alerts (e.g., Sniper, Time, Jammed, etc.) in the chat log, making it easier for those who have volume turned down or have hearing problems to be aware of them occurring.
  • Detailed steps for Time Events
  • Order of Battle tables for RSG scenarios (added with GMT’s permission)
  • Slightly muted some sound files that were much louder than other sound files
  • Added Clone ability to various chits (Blaze, Foxholes, etc.) and fixed Delete on the chits where it wasn’t working. Note that clone not added to Pillbox since there shouldn’t be more than one on the board at any given time
  • Added default discard limits to each faction’s Hand Window
  • Added CC Ladder info to the Help Menu
  • All extensions updated to be compatible with 2.5. Things will work with previous versions, but won’t include many of the above changes in pre-defined setups. It is highly recommended you update/install all extensions. Some extensions rely on others.
  • Fixed pre-defined setups where maps weren’t loading properly
  • Removed nearly 60mb of unused data from the C3i extension

Again, when updating, to 2.5, it is highly recommended that you download and add all the 2.5 extensions. Because of some extension interdependence, they were saved with all of them activated. You may see some error messages if you do not have all of them loaded. You should be able to ignore those, but if parts/maps are missing, then you need to load another extension.

As always, if you’re looking for a great place to play (or, if you’re new to the game, learn) Combat Commander, join the Ladder that Patrick Pence runs. While we all try to get in our one ladder match each month, there are multiple games being played everyday. It’s a fantastic place to play!