Combat Commander some minor bugs that have been around a long time

I just wonder if these two minor bugs will be/have been addressed.

In Combat Commander Europe there are two boxes under the time track and above the top edge of the map that are labeled Axis Orders and Allied Orders. Did these ever keep track of the orders played by each player? Are there plans to make them work in the future?

In Combat Commander Pacific the Activation (Green box around unit when they are activated) does not work and when Next Order is clicked does not place the Red box around units. This does work in the module, I think it was fixed last year, but does not work in the extension. Are there plans to fix this?

As I said, these are just minor bugs but a fix would help when we play the game.


The module used to keep track of orders but was removed so its not a bug. There are no plans to reimplement it. You can see how it worked (and a lot of other removed features) in version 2.2/2.1? if you can find it

As for CCP it works in 1.5. Since then the module has been adjusted for some reason so whoever did that needs to fix where it was broken

Thanks Tim. I was just asking to see if there was any talk about these.

We need exact instructions for reproducing the problem you’re seeing if anyone is going to look into it.

I suspect the CCP issue is the saved games from the extension carried the broken behavior. Once it was fixed in the base module, those saved games would have been updated to inherit new behavior but this was probably not done to the saved games in the extension - basically the saved games need to be remade