Combat Commander

I am looking for a regular opponent for Combat Commander playing live via vassal using Skype. I am somewhat a beginner to the game as I have dabbled in it before. I am on EST and looking for either Friday or Saturday nights around 9:30 pm.


How about anytime late Saturday or Friday night? I have all the core games plus some of the expansions. Anybody want to give this a try?


hellow,I use to VASSAL on PBEM.
I live in japan.
combat commander is very fun.
one player turn divide a lot VASSAL log sent.

If you are reading this,
After a combat commander wanted to e-mail competition
Please send me an e-mail.

We have the familiar I mail competition. I usually but heavy use of Japanese,
Matchup in English e-mail text can be a experience is rich.

I came to fun to play with many people.

…yea there’s a couple of us that play every other week or so, one player is from London. We also use Skype and play live; lot’s of fun :smiley:


I found an opponent for Combat Commander.