Combat Commander

Would any gamer want to play a scenario of Combat Commander tonight. I am online.


Hello Ron,
there’s quite a few of us that play live on Vassal, hopefully we can catch ya another night… :smiley:


I hope some night we can connect and play a scenario. CC is such a cool game and I look forward in playing more.

…sent ya a PM bud! 8)


I’m interested in playing. I bought the Pacific version but have never had the opportunity to play it before.

Hi every body !

New to this forum, I m looking for Vassal player for combat commander Europe or other games (Normandy 44, Napoleonic OSG Games, etc…)
I am 47 Year old French player living ni Normandy, able to speak average english or german. I m looking for “cool” players who want to take pleasure playing by Skype or Google Hangout for three or four hours on friday evening once or two a month.

I played Normandy 44 on Vassal with a friend of mine who is no more disponible.
Please let me know of you are interested

Players of Combat Commander! I am online at this moment and I am looking for a game of CC.


Aniboule, you should try to contact Pap (Xavier Heeren) a nice guy from Liege, always wanting to play CC and a great teacher. He uses to be online.

hi ,
i m looking for an opponent for combat commander .
is this the place for that?

G’day michoD, I hope so, cos thats why I’m here too!
PM me to set up a game, I have Europe, Pacific and Mediterranean.

Hi there.

I’m interested in Combat Commander too, both as player and spectator.

I haven’t played many CC games (or any on Vassal) but I would love to play more!

I’m an utter newbie.


I am also new to the game but it feels like it should be a lot easier to get a regular opponent here than in real Life, so if anyone is looking for a weekly game, and can put up with the teething problems of noob mistakes, and isnt bored by the prospect of playing some of the starting simpler scenarios in Europé first Before getting into full RSG mode, then let me know, I am in Europé and would ideally be able to set aside a couple of hours most evenings so quite flexible on picking a regular day if that works for you

For anyone interested, we have an ongoing monthly Combat Commander Ladder organized to encourage live competitive play via Vassal. All experience levels are welcome, and you will meet some very fun, very friendly, and very skilled players in your monthly matches. If you want to get more experience, we’re looking for a few new players.

More details available on how to join on the main BGG thread here:

Be sure to update all of your CC Modules and extensions.

We hope to see you soon!

Check our group. Any WW2 board games by pbem.