Combining Logfiles into One

The new Vassal version has some different features regarding loading logs and loading continuation. I have been having trouble combining two logs. Once and awhile I end up with two logs for one game, due to a loss of connection. In the past I have put the first log in, started a new logfile and then started the second log after the first log ends. Then, I would finish new logfile which would be a combination of the two parts.

But, with this new version, when I put in the second part it fast forwards to the end. It copies the chat but not the game moves on the combined module. Any help with this? Am I missing something?

Which version of Vassal specifically?

3.7.4 I believe. That’s the most recent one. I downloaded it about two weeks ago

I just saw same question in another forum chat. It looks like you fixed it in 3.7.4. I must have a different one. I’ll try latest version

Please confirm for us if 3.7.4 has the bug. Thanks.