Command and Colors Ancients

Anybody available to teach me how to play C&C Ancients on VASSAL. I only have the core set, but have yet to play it but a handful of times many months ago.
I’m available most nights, 9EST and later.


Sent a PM.

I also have the core set and would love to learn. If you still want to play maybe we can learn together. I an EST . Please let me know.

Bruce, I’ve played a few games now and got a handle on the rules. I can teach you. We could play a game with Skype to make it easier. I’m also in EST. available most weekdays for the next few weeks, from 9 am to 3 pm. Then available again starting at 9 or 9:30 pm, depending on when the kids go to sleep. Just let me know.


Hi, I would also be interested in having a few games with you if you like. I am also a new comer to Vassal and have played out most of the scenarios of the base game. I am GMT+1 though. Just let me know if and when you would like to play ;)