Command and Colors Opponents Wanted.

Are there any opponents in Europe intersted in playing either live or email games of -

CC Ancients
Battle Lore
Memoir 44

I have played alot of these games FTF, but only just starting using VASSAL for anything other than ASL.

I am also wanting to play Combat Commander as well.

Anyone out there interested?


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It’s odd that you haven’t gotten a reply. Granted, this forum isn’t the most active, but there are tons of people who play C&C Ancients!

I’ve played before…not my favorite game, but it’s alright. I live in Texas though, so that kinda rules me out.

I regularly play M44 on VASSAL. I’d like to start playing C&C:A on VASSAL as well, but haven’t yet.

Hi, guys. I´d like play pbem in Vassal to Command and colors ancients.
My email is



I’m checking the rules out now…but I’ll Pbem also :smiley: Looks like a fun little game!


Opponents Wanted?

Clash of shields Open Tournament 2011! A VASSAL tournament for Commands & Colors, Scenario X.

Hello everyone,
is currently recruiting for a tournament made in italy.

Clash of shields is an online tournament for Commands & Colors. The tournament is free admission, is not funded by advertising and has no sponsors. The official tournament language is English. Date and time of the tournament are the Italian ones: UTC +1 (CET - Central European Time).

Registration ends next 2011/02/13. Matches will start in the week between 14 and 20 February. All details here.

Join the tournament… enjoy the italian taste!

Rabdomante aka

good tourny…

I want to play CNC Noploenics or Ancients, on line or by email. GMT-5, but PBEM time zones don’t matter!

Hello! Are you still looking for PBEM match-ups? I have a fair share of experience with C&C:Ancients and none with Napoleonics, but would like to learn and play.