Command and Colors Opponents

Hi all,

I just picked up Command and Colors Napoleonics and Ancients and would love to try some Vassal games. I’m still learning, but let me know if you’re interested.



I’d be interested in an Ancients game sometime - have played today and Vassal works fine.

Send a PM.

I have also just picked up C&C (N), new to the game, new to vassal, but hoping to learn both in short order. Send me a PM :slight_smile:

I would be interested in playing C annd C Napoleoonics.

Would you like to play by e-mail or real time?

Thank you.

Also interested let me know if you’re still up for a game

Interested in running a game of C&C:A - most likely PBEM due to time constraints. Fairly new to vassal, and have played on several occasions on a borrowed copy

I am also intrested in playing ether of C&C ancients or C&C napoleonic. =)
Anyone intrested in a game just send me a PM
I am GMT +1

Cheers Jens

Anyone want a game?

I’d like to watch a game.

I think it would be better if you gave it a shot. The last person to post before me was in 2011. It is basically playing the game on the internet. All you need to know are the rules.