Commands & Colors Ancients Exp 2 & 3

"The extension files for the newest C&CA expansions (2 & 3) are now available on the Vassal web site - stated Bill Bennett, the designer of the Commands & Colors Ancients module.
"I have also updated the main C&CA module (to v2.3) and the Expansion #1 file (to v1.2). The C&CA module was updated to:
1. Add in all the new scenarios to the random scenario generator.
2. Create a Stand marker option from the Target marker menu. The new marker is a horizontal black bar on a white background, meant to show that a unit capable of evading will not do so.
3. Update the Terrain reference sheet with new terrain.
4. Update a few of the unit abbreviations to match their current usage, i.e. Heavy Chariots to HCH, Heavy War Machines to HWM, etc.
5. The Expansion #1 bonus scenarios, Cronium, Indus and Pydna, are now available with the other Exp. #1 scenarios.
Future plans are for an update to the Scenario X file to add in new unit images made from Exps. 2 & 3. A version of the Epic game will be made available, though I haven't yet decided if an extension or a stand alone module will be the best approach."