Commands & Colors: Ancients module 4.3.16 now available!

image Commands & Colors: Ancients module v4.3.16 is available! Download here .

This is a minor update, bringing four more fan generated scenarios to the module, rescued by @alecrespi:
AT01 The Lyginus, 335 BC
AT02 Assault on Thebes, 335 BC
JT01 Assault on the Temple, 70 AD
JD151 Mycale, 479 BC
Use the Scenario Browser to find these scenarios from the module’s File menu.

The module’s Help menu now provides a link to donate towards web hosting costs. The site provides the module’s scenario data and help pages alongside other player benefits such as maintaining official FAQs and regular tournaments.
image Look for the coffee mug icon on the site’s page footer or click the link to donate now.

These and other minor updates are detailed in the change log .

Broadly compatible with previous v4.3 releases but, for best reliability, all players should use the same module and Vassal version. Not backward compatible with releases prior to v4.3, except for viewing v4 games. Requires Vassal v3.7.12 or later.