Commands & Colors: Ancients updated to 4.3.13! New Help feature!

image Commands & Colors: Ancients module v4.3.13 is available! Download here.


  • Mago name corrections in scenario 005 (Trebbia). Thanks to @beckerdo for reporting the error.
New feature - direct link to scenario home page from Help menu.

Changes in this and previous releases are listed in the module’s change log.

:information_source: Vassal v3.7.9 is now the minimum version for the module going forward. Download the latest Vassal for your machine from the Vassal home page.

Broadly compatible with previous v4.3 releases but, for best reliability, all players should use the same module and Vassal version, ideally the latest of each. Not backward compatible with releases prior to v4.3, except for viewing v4 games. Requires Vassal 3.7.9 or later.

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