Commands & Colors: Ancients - v4.2.6 released


Commands & Colors: Ancients module version 4.2.6 is now available for download.

The update addresses a couple of usability issues that caused confusion for some players. Also included are improvements for users of combat hotkeys and a couple of bug fixes.

The change log gives more details (the main changes were in interim release v4.2.5).

Solitaire users! Solitaire’s combat hotkeys now apply hits as the active side (e.g. Ctrl+2 applies 2 hits to Attack-marked piece). This should improve familiarity for hotkey use between solo, opposed online and PBEM games.

New content:

  • Tutorial - recommended if you are interested in CDG Solo mode and to see combat hotkeys in action.
  • Fan scenario MK02 EPIC Dyrrhachium by Michal Kowalczuk. Find it in the module via File > Choose Scenario…

Broadly compatible with previous v4.2 releases but, for best reliability, all players should use the same module and Vassal version. Not backward compatible with releases prior to v4.2.0, except for reading v4 log files and watching games.
Requires Vassal v3.6.7 or later. Block view Numbers preference will not persist until Vassal v3.6.8.