Commands & Colors: Napoleonics v5 beta released! [Updated: 30 Mar]

image Announcing the next Vassal iteration of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics!

Update (30 March 2024): The v5.0.0 module now downloads as beta6. If you are using an earlier v5 release, please replace it by downloading again from the module home page (link below).

Outstanding known issues & workarounds

Bonus attack not working - Fixes in beta4 - Cavalry unit may be set “No Battle” after a first combat. Workaround: drag an attack marker to the unit (Game Options - Game Markers) or press Ctrl+V on the Cavalry unit to reset it. This is also a general workaround if ever a unit is marked incorrectly, preventing an attack.

Leader Casualty Check may not prompt automatically Workaround: Roll for the check from the main toolbar and apply the result. Cancel any invalid combat assist results.

Cards already in hand won’t play - affects games saved prior to beta3 and refreshed since. To fix, refresh the game with the “trigger Global Hotkey” option.

Vassal issue #13167 may cause the module to present a user with no sides to choose when joining a game. Workaround: just press the finish button and you will be connected as an observer. Once joined, use the “exit door” button to switch to your desired side.

Full list may be viewed on GitHub.

Version 5 brings a wealth of features to streamline and track game play including pre-configured scenarios, automated ordering, order & movement validation, full support for the combat phase, single-press end turn and game stats!

The new version builds on the click-and-play ethos of v4. For players who like more information, an all-new tutorial game is provided, along with supporting videos on Youtube and an updated Reference Manual. These and more can be found from the module’s Help menu.

Download available now from the module home page!.


A detailed list of changes can be found in the v5 change log.


Not compatible with earlier game sessions or log files. Furthermore, to avoid conflicts and ease transition, the module has a unique name. Both players must be using v5 to find each other online.

*Requires Vassal v3.7.9 or later.

Recommended heap size is now 2048 Mb (set in Preferences…General tab).*