Comments window?

What is the function of the Comment window that appears when creating a logfile? I’ve experimented with this but the “Comment” never appears in the logfile when it is replayed.

The Module Manager allows you to attach Save Game Folders to Modules and display thenames of Saved Game games within the folder. The Log file Comment is displayed by the Module Manager.

Displaying the Comment in the Chat Window on loading makes sense:

  • Loading test.vsav …
  • Loaded test.vsav:

There should be an equivalent message when a Log File continuation is loaded.

I’ve added a Feature request #2717634.


Messages mailing list …

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It’s funny how given the same data different people can derive different conclusions. Yall’s desire to have this data attach to saved games makes sense, but like the OP, my first reaction when prompted for a comment was “ahh, so it’ll display when I load the log…”

and then it didn’t! :slight_smile:

Carry on with the excellent work…