Connecting to a game from different computers

I have been playing a game on-line (Unhappy King Charles). I usually play from home and everything runs smoothly. However, now I am travelling and when I try to connect to the game from my laptop, it seems that Vassal does not recognise it is me and does not let me connect to the game.
How can I sort this out?

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Make sure that your password is set to the same under Preferences > Personal. Otherwise you can’t access the same side.

See VASSAL Reference Manual

Thanks for this.
Is there a way I can recover the Preferences from the log files I have saved?
Or I need to be physically in the same computer?


The preferences are not saved in the log file, you will find them for each module in the ~/Library/Application Support/VASSAL/prefs directory on OSX (look for the SecretName property in each file). On Windows this is probably somewhere under your %AppData% folder… C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\VASSAL\ and on Linux on ~/.VASSAL/

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