Connecting to vassal jabber server

Hi guys,

I am pretty much new in VASSAL. Recently I downloaded the GoT module and tried to play, connecting to the VASSAL Legacy Server, but there are never players there. When I try to connect to the other available server (VASSAL Jabber Server), I am requested username and password, which I don’t have and I can’t find where to register (or details from which registration to use). Can anybody help me with this dull question? :smiley:


The Vassal Jabber Server is not a particular server as such, but a method of connecting to any Jabber Server that can support a vassal game. This code does not work particularly well and afaik has not been used successfully (it will only work with some Jabber Servers). Pretty much everyone who uses Vassal uses the Vassal ‘Legacy’ server.

You try and find players you can try posting in the ‘Opponents Wanted’ forum here. For many games, you will have better luck by finding an off-site fan page where you can discuss that particular game and Vassal games are often organised on those.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:
What confused me was that I used to see players in the common room before and now it’s always empty, I guess it was a coincidence.