Console Window Hotkey


In Global Options I can set a hotkey for the debug window, server, etc. but no hotkey for the main console/chat/message window. It might be good for a chat-intensive session to be able to reduce mousing RSIs and keep the hands on the keyboard as much as possible. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Recommend discord, or similar. That way you can actually chat instead of typing.

Not everyone can hear, and it’s nice having the chat, card draws, & dice rolls in one place, especially for the game I’m doing. I get that if doing voice there’s other options. Does Vassal report log entries into Discord so the Discord chat is useful? I also play with people not on Discord (believe it or not). It’s nice not being on a company-owned platform.

We used to use teamspeak. One player acts as the server for others to connect to. Discord is easier and free.
AFAIK Vassal does not report log entries into discord. All log entries are displayed as per normal in the Vassal chat area.

The game is exceptionally hotkey-friendly, I can call up the debug window with a hotkey. I’m asking if I can call up the console with a hotkey as well to facilitate either finding the buried window, or (since my cursor is likely still in the chat) I can easily type notes or discussion into the chat logs.

If it’s really that much trouble to add a hotkey to pull up the console window, I understand.

There’s several games in the world where the conversation about the cards drawn is pertinent to real life, and the logs of all the player epiphanies along the way actually has value. Rather than re-type all the card info into journals on the side, the log itself can contain everything of value for players to walk away with their experiences.