Contacting another member

Looking at the list of games played in the last week or month I see a game started by someone. I would like to play that game also. Is there away to contact that person if they are not online with a game up at that time?


Not at this time jtovb. Going forward this may become a possibility. One idea may be to go into the modules list on this website. Select the module you saw being played. Click on “Players” then send an e-mail to some of the people in the list.

Good luck.

That is a nice idea.

Until then anyone know a user named Joe that has started the Close Action module up? :slight_smile:


Although not quite the same as Ben mentions, each module houses its own
message board that you can post messages to other users of the module.

You don’t have to be connected to the server to use it - just have the
module running and server application window open so you can access the
module mail box

Messages usually stick around for 2 weeks.

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Thanks. I think I might have tried that. But don’t know where the message went lol. Here is what I did, opened Close Action, logged on server, sent a message from the server controls? Sound right? Heck maybe someone wrote back, let me open the module and see.