Controls window opens too wide

Okay, something of a “first world” problem here :slight_smile: , but I just replaced the crappy 1400x900 3rd monitor I was using with a 2560x1440 monitor, and made it my primary, instead. My other monitors are both 1920x1080. Now, I’m finding that when I start a VASSAL module, the controls window opens on monitor #1 (which is at coordinates [0,0]), but is 2560 pixels wide (and so stretches onto monitor #0, at [1920,0]). Monitor #2 (the new one, now designated as primary), is located “below” #1, at coordinates [0,1080].

So, it looks like VASSAL is using the dimensions of the primary monitor to decide the initial size of the controls window, but placing it at coordinates [0,0], even if that isn’t the primary monitor.

I’m running on Linux (Kubuntu 20.10), FYI.

Submitted as bug 14146:

Discovered a similar problem with the height of the trait edit window under 3.5.x–the editor appears to try to stretch it vertically up to a certain percentage of the primary monitor’s height, again without checking to see if the window is actually on the primary monitor, so I’m having trait windows with lots of traits stretching off of monitor #0 onto the top of monitor #2. Added a comment to the bug report.