Copy / edit existing module?

I’m interested in making a module for a game I own. I wonder if it is possible to take an existing module of a similar game and copy and edit it so as to make it suitable for my game? Or, must I start from scratch?

Thanks very much for any comments,

There’s no easy answer for this–modifying an existing module can work somewhat easily, it could be such a struggle that it offers no benefit over starting from scratch. Inserting a new map image into an existing module and new graphics for pieces/cards/tokens might be OK, but depending on the starting state of the module you’re modifying, there are so many other possible items that could potentially need adjustment. Grids, zones, card decks, right-click actions on pieces, windows, player hands, and so on.

I would encourage search for Joel Toppen’s series of module editing videos on YouTube to get a feel for what module editing is like.