Could I play Vassal on a Chromebook?

For some reason I think no, but would like to be certain.

A Chromebook out of the box? No.

The basic hurdle to overcome is that ChromeOS doesn’t come with a Java virtual machine. It’s not impossible to do, but depending on one’s computer savvy it might not be for the faint of heart.

Example Google searches that will surface a bunch of guides to the process include (but are not limited to):
“chromebook Java”
“chromebook jvm”

OK thanks for the advice. I may dive in and give that a try, we’ll see.

Hi, you could if you manage to install ubuntu through for example crouton. … k-crouton/

ubuntu runs java, in a similar way I managed to install Vassal on my Oculus Quest ad Go so I’ve got a bigger screen to play with. They run a locked down version of Android, but it’s possible to get it working through termux and vnc. You definitely need more advanced linux experience, but it’s possible.

All of that except knowing what ubuntu is is Greek to me, so I’m going to assume it’s over my head, but thanks for trying to help (even if I’m beyond all real help…)

Thanks for the great advice! I think this is one of the few opportunities to run Vassal on a Chromebook. Interestingly, fatgreta was able to launch the game in this way?