Counter alignment

I’m new to Vassal so forgive me if this question is too easy. I’ve searched the forums and couldn’t find the answer.

Is there a way to pull a counter from the tray to the map and have it snap align with the horizontal hexgrid? (like the counter marked “moved” in the picture below). Thanks very much.

Just to clarify, are you asking:

A) how to get a counter to snap to grid

B) how to get a counter to automatically rotate before being placed on the map

A is done by default, B is a little trickier. I’ve done it before but forgotten the process, lemme see if I can dig up that old module…

OK, I lied. However, I do remember asking this exact question a long time ago.

In my module, which I just dug up for 2007(!), I just loaded all the images rotated to the orientation I wanted. :smiley:

Lemme see if I can dig up the original question and answer either here or in the VASSAL mailing list…

Well, this blows.

Yahoo! Group’s search is broken, so even though I am positive this was discussed on the old VASSAL ENGINE group I can’t dig up the messages because I can’t search the archives.

You’ll have to wait for one more knowledgeable than I to pop in and educate you!

Sorry dude.

Thanks Shad. I was going to resort to loading the images in the 90 right orientation to start with but figured I wasn’t the first to encounter this issue.

And I am asking how to do “B” in your post above.

Thus spake “Shad”:

Search seems to be working now. You might want to try again.


Messages mailing list …

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I found the following on the Yahoo vassalengine group site. Message 8861. I’d like to incorporate Rodney’s second option. Now I just need to figure out what it means. Thanks for your help.