Crash during Napoleon 1806

Crash while attempting to move a card from the Prussian Draw deck to the Prussian Hand, as an observer, using drag and drop.

We were trying to troubleshoot issues with the card decks having become all face-up and not reshuffling back into their hands properly.

We suspect this error comes about when one side hits the end of the draw deck. A workaround is to reshuffle discards back into the draw deck at the beginning of every turn, and this seems to avoid the bug.

Thank you for the 1.1 version - a quick test confirms that can no longer crash the game reaching the end of the draw deck.

By the way – thank you for including the Solitaire mode in online play, it has proven extremely useful for teaching/facilitating games of 1806, since the Solitaire player can see both sides and thus can answer questions easily.