Creating a Vassal map grid

Hi. I am wanting to use the Vassal mapboard creation tool to creat a gameboard 28 squares by 20 squares with each square 1 inch. This is the size of the mapboard I drew and mounted for my tabletop version. I can get the defaut map with a grid but can’t figure out how to re-size it to the required specs. Any suggestions?

Using CTRL and the arrow keys will resize the cells of a rectangular grid. Alternatively, you can input that data directly (cell width and height); you just type in the resolution of your map image (for example, if your map is at 300 dpi, put 300 for both the width and height). The offset options may be used if you need to move where the grid begins relative to your map image. I don’t think you can specify exactly how many squares you need, but the grid shouldn’t extend beyond your map image anyway.

Ok. Thanks for the quick reply!

Worked like a charm! Laid the grid down and used the arrow keys to align it to the gameboard. Now I have the scaled down version of my tabletop board and the counters resized to fit the squares. Thank you for the help!

Glad to have once again been of assistance.