Creating a vassal page for a new modile

Followed the above get no “GO” option no matter what I do I would love to upload my set of SPI an other modules but it simply does not work for me!

Please help!

That screenshot is outdated. Look for the search box, type whatever you need to type, and hit enter.

I see the search bar in the upper right, where is this box? I have tried typing Module: and a fake name to trigger since Bloody April SPI is what I want to upload but can’t.

Make sure you’re logged into the wiki, first of all. Typing this in the search bar will result in failing to find this page and give me a link from which I can create it.

I assume I am logged in.

That’s for the forum, not the wiki. You need to check on a wiki page.

I’ve updated the instructions and screenshot for the search box to reflect the current wiki theme.

Yep that is what was wrong! Thanks I painfully created a page for SPI’s Bloody April The battle of Shiloh

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