Creating Vassal modules

Is there anyone here who would be willing to make a vassal module for me or point me to where one might find someone willing to do so? I have a board game I’ve created/designed and would like to try it out but the vassal interface is a bit overwhelming for making modules to me.

There are a couple of really good videos on YouTube.
Take a and module you like and unzip it in a directory, you can then use the builtin vassal editor to see how it was done.

From vassal menu, select create a new module.
Basically take a image of your map your (the size of this file is usually the biggest factor in final module size) add this to the module.
Determine the name, “Save as New”.
take images (usually PNG’s) of all your units (sized to fit the map) and in “Game piece Palette” start creating units.
Create a Chart window, add all the chart images you wish.
Create a die(s) button.
Thats the basic basics.

I would be glad to help you.

I woul