Crisis: Sinai 1973 (GMT Games 1995) v1.1 Update

The v1.1 update for GMT Games’ simulation for the 1973 Yom Kippur War has been posted to the Crisis: Sinai 1973 page at Crisis: Sinai 1973

This update includes improvements to the maps and scenarios and includes an interactive checklist for the SOP and separate inventories for the UAR and Israeli counters.

Whoever designed those counters needs hanged. (I know it wasn’t the module designer.)

I know. Them’s was the days. There are plenty of games that still use the NATO emblems but this one is particularly severe. This game was written for a small group of hex style wargaming enthusiasts back in the day. The game rules are evident they are pre-21st Century as well. ‘He, Him’ is used as the pronoun of choice. That doesn’t offend me personally, but it’s been a while since game publishers used that. The biggest thing is the lack of examples. There is a pretty good example of play included with the playbook, but if these rules were written today, there would be many more examples of play included with illustrations. Definitely written in the latter-day Avalon Hill era, even though it is a GMT Games product.
It will never be re-published, which is a shame. The map, though busy is fantastic, and this is the best game still for getting down to the nuts and bolts of the '73 war. MMP just released a game 'Valley of Tears on the same subject (Plus the Golan Heights front) but I do like that Crisis Sinai includes the bridge building mechanism that adds a lot to the October 6 and 7 scenario.

Personally I think the module looks great and I don’t have any problem with the counters from that screenshot. They look lovely to me. I get irritated when I see tank silhouettes on counters for games other than platoon or company level, but that is my own personal preference and I started playing wargames in 1977 so to me they NATO looks sexy.