Critical Collapse 2.24

An alpha version of Critical Collapse a game in the design process is available at as it stands right now the marketing system is functional along with a few of the other formulas, you will need Openoffice in order to utilize the spread sheet most of the pieces and charts are done, it is by no means complete. If you are a designer or just interested in being part of this project, this will be our place to start and we will work out the structure from here.

Hi, this is just a suggestion: why not save the spreadsheet as a Exel spread sheet with open office then all open office and MS people will be able to read it…

You know as simple as it is I really never thought of it, I guess I was trying to stay strictly Opensource, I will include an excel doc also.


Here is a link to the Formulas still in development This is also a link to my site.



Thanks, the reason I have chosen to make Critical Collapse Opensource and created entirely with Opensource programs including the operating system is because it is the message that is important and delivering it freely seems to me the best way to do so.
The programs used so far are:
and of course the Vassal Engine and Sun’s Java

Except for the operating system all of the programs are cross-platform and in a sense so is the operating system since it can be run on any machine and read the files of those os’s.

I will be updating the files every couple of weeks or sooner depending on the collaboration of others here and elsewhere if and when a team forms. My hope is for a team leader to grab this project to give direction and schedules, but with a certain spirit of the benefit for mankind, if you get my meaning.

Still looking for a team, for design and preliminary play testing. Any interested individuals are welcome to join in.