Cuba Libre First Card is Propaganda in Short Game Deck?

I was just trying out the Cuba Libre module for the first time, and I used the deck preparation button to prepare a deck for a short game. When I clicked on the Draw Card button, the very first card revealed was a Propaganda card.

I was under the impression that there should be at least six other cards should be above the first propaganda card. Edit: This was a false impression. Setup rules allow an “early” propaganda card.

I’m using the 1.3.2 version of the module in Vassal 3.6.7

I retried using the long game deck preparation, and the second card was a Propaganda card.

For module-specific questions, it’s nearly always most effective to send inquiries direct to the module developer if you can. In this case it’s Joel Toppen, a prolific module creator, and his email address is listed on the module page (reminder: you must be logged into the wiki for email addresses to be shown).

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Deck setup rules instruct players to divide the deck into 4 piles of about the same number cards, shuffle a propaganda card into each pile, and then stack the piles to form the deck. So a propaganda card could end up on top.

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