Custom reporting for Move Fixed Distance trait

So the Move Fixed Distance trait has its own auto-report, but there’s no way to edit it in the editor. For my module, since there isn’t a set board that loads, all I get is * (pieceName) moves offboard → offboard *, and that just doesn’t do it at all.

I believe Move Fixed Distance just uses the Map auto-reports of the board it ends movement on.


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Yeah, I feel stupid now. I hadn’t realized I’d turned the map auto-reports on before I’d put that movement on there. Sorry.

Edit: Wait, scratch that. I just turned auto-report off in the Global Options, and it still shows that report. I had put a report action trait in to go off of the movements, and now it shows both.

Edit 2: By the way, you may need to add this to a bug list, because it turns out that blanking out the message format for “movement within this map” removed the generic message I was getting (as stated in the first post), but the report from the trait on the piece stayed there.

Thus spake “Molokai”:

It’s possible for you to report bugs to the bug tracker. You can do that
here: … tid=594231

It would save us some time if you did the reporting once we’ve determined
that it is a bug.


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Now that I know for sure it is considered a bug, I will go ahead and file a report in the tracker.

Edit: Done :slight_smile:.