CWBS - Seven Days games

Is there anyone out there working a mod of the CWBS Seven Days games (Gaines Mill, Seven Pines and Malvern Hill)? I was thinking about giving it go… I have all the games but simply don’t have the space at my place to lay out all the maps… seems like a perfect game for a VASSAL mod.

Does anyone happen to have the maps scanned? My little scanner is really not up to the task.

Wish I could help but I agree it would be a great mod!!!


To get scanned images of the maps, here is a link for the Seven Pines and Seven Days Cyberboard modules. Open the cyberboard game (GSN), hit hide pieces (nine from the left on the top little boxes), then hit “Toggle Board Scale” and make map full scale. Then open EDIT at top of screen and hit “Save board image in file” and viola you have the scanned map of said CWBS game. … 50&page=14

Looking further on the Limeyankgames website, I see they are also have Gaines Mill and Malverne Hill also.

(I discovered this researching the Seven Pines battle and found the CWBS map of the Seven PInes battlefield is the very best and detailed I could find!)