Darn near cried...

I just came across Vassal today. I am 62 and started gaming with AH first games when they first
came out with my older brothers. Had so many darned boardgames over the years but lost almost
all after a divorce in 1988. To see all these games again and to see their counters today when I
downloaded a few modules almost caused me to burst into tears! Darn good to see em again.

Thank you vassal. I will send a pledge soon to thank you for this return of so many memories!! :smiley:

This post is so cool:)

Agreed!! After returning to the hobby after a hiatus of over 30 years, the feeling of nostalgia at times becomes overwhelming!

plasticpz, hope you manage to link up with others and find some good opponents for your games. You got lots of lost time to make up for!