Data leakage via Debug Window

I’ve discovered an issue with the Debug window and compound actions that in particular circumstances will reveal information about a card in a deck.

To illustrate, in this development module, a card may be dragged from the deck on the left to the display area on the right. However, if 3 cards are already present, the module prevents the move by use of a movement trigger / return to deck combination.

Here is what the Debug window shows when that happens:

At this point, the cursor was over the orange card (“Camille Desmoulins”) but the debug window has continued to track the card that was dragged there. The location shown is the location of the deck, not where the cursor was (and still is in this screen shot). To the point; the debug window has revealed the card’s name.

Ah, good one, yes. I will have to check why it isn’t honoring the mask. Possibly it’s using BasicName instead of PieceName.

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