DBA 3.0

Hi I would like to find an opponent to play DBA 3.0 on Vassal. I am new to the game and interface and might take a few games to get the mistakes worked out. Thank you for your replies.


Hey John,
What game is DBA?

It is De Bellis Antiquitatus a fast play miniatures game for Ancient and Medieval Warfare. You can play it using the De Bellis Vassalus module.

What time zone are you in I’m in U.S. Pacific time. I’ve got 2.2 but the cheapest copy of 3.0 I see is north of 50 bucks after shipping!

Sue Laflin-Barker’s Start Ancient Wargaming Using DBA 3.0 is $26.00 plus shipping at On Military Matters. It has the full rules, a sample game and interesting army lists from 38 conflicts. This should get you started with DBA 3.0. I am in the Pacific Time Zone. Glad to hear from you…

O, ok, sounds interesting… I’ll check it out!
I’m also in the Pacific time zone (Northern CA).


I’ll have to think on that. I knew About Sues’s book but without all the lists it seems sort of penny wise pound foolish. Cause If i like it that’s 26 +ship then 50+ship later. How different is 3.0 from the other iterations? I’ve played some DBA and a lot of DBM years ago so I have a lot of the basics down.

What is your Time Zone JM? All I have available right now is US Pacific time Fri and Sunday nights starting at 7p.

It is almost a new game. There are fast and solid foot. Psiloi No longer have an overlap. Knights have a quick kill on Blades but Blades have a quick kill on Knights too. Blades are impetuous. Spears give each other side support. Light Horse can move using more PiPs. There is more terrain and it affects combat differently and movement. Distances are measured in base widths. There are many other changes from 2.2 I hear. I live in the Canadian Pacific time zone. Friday and Sunday at 7:00 pm are fine with me…

Very cool all three of us talking here are on west coast time that is unusual. I’ll PM you with my Email and Skype

I don’t Skype but I’ll be glad to have your email. I don’t have a webcam…

WE don’t use cameras for playing games only the Voice part. Your computer probably has a built in mike. if it’s not more than 4 years old. I actually consider playing without Voice communication impossible. I did order Sue’s book, somebody saved me some money by buying the last copy of 3.0 on Amazon.

You won’t be disappointed. I have a mini computer so I only have a headphone jack not one for a microphone. I’ll follow your advice and buy a usb headphone and microphone jack. Then we can have voice communication. Looking forward to hearing from you…

Hey guys, I just ordered the book also.
I use TeamSpeak but can use Skype. I’ll be working this weekend but will be able to check out what you guys are doing… :smiley:


We’ll probably be learning the rules. Glad you’re aboard. It great to get so much activity on this topic… :slight_smile:

Yeah I use a USB headset with headphones and Mike works just fine. Was under 20.00 as I recall and its been working for over 2 years. Send me an Email so you will be in my system and install Skype.

rgr that JM, I like this topic; need to play more of it!

There is a Quick Reference Sheet on BGG Might be enough for me to Play this week if you like though I would need some translation I do not get the F,SB,SG columns on the tactical moves. Have a look


Have Both you guys gotten my Email and Skype yet? I’m sending you both messages and they are not all showing up in my sent message folder.

Just read your email and sent a reply. I have to set up Skype at my end and learn how it works. Should have the physical components tomorrow and just need to get the audio working on Win 8.1. Some people have been having problems with it. I will PM all of you when I have Skype working on my end.