De Bellis Vassalus - support for HotT?

I’m unfamiliar with DBx… and by extension, the DBV module for Vassal.

  1. What differences are there between HOTT and DBx?

  2. Are these differences captured by the DBV module? If not, what is lacking?

  3. How difficult is it to further edit the mod? I wrote half-decent code in university and could definitely do it again. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the original mod, and Mehrunes did some additional work on it.
To make it suitable for HOTT would mostly involve adding the graphics files for the troop types in HOTT that are not present in DBA. Heroes, Magicians, Behemoths etc.
Other than that you shouldn’t need to change much if anything. You have my ok to adapt what is there if you want to work up a HOTT module ;)