De Bellis Vassalus

I’m looking for opponents for DBV. Unfortunately it seems I were the only player who started that module in the last months… :frowning:

Still searching. Done some bugfixing to the module and it’s far more playable now.

Hi Mehrunes
I’d be happy to play a game with you but only pbem, as I can’t stand long times in front of my computer.
Please note that I haven’t played DBA for 2 years, but I still have the rules in my office! (and the painted armies in my cupboard).

You guys know about this right?

Yes, but it isn’t free and uses a very old set of DBA rules. :slight_smile:

so where can i donwload the newest version of the DBA rules?

I don’t think there is a download of the current rules as the designers want to earn money with them. :slight_smile:
I know a german translation of the rules in the net, but that won’t help many people here.

But DBA is such a simple game, it can be taught easily by playing one or two games.

The important charts and some explanations can be found here:

Sometimes I can see that someone logged in with the module but was alone. Why not meet here and make an appointment for a game ?

I would be interested in playing, although I do not know when I can now. Do you know of any source of army lists?

I’m very interested in playing. I played DBA quite a lot some time ago.
Also, a good source of army list is also the already mentioned dba online.

I’ll try logging in with the module couple of times. I’ll be mostly online around noon and in the evening European time.

I’ll try to catch you but perhaps it is better to agree on a specific date ? :slight_smile:

Let’s say tomorrow in the evening? Also on tuesday, both morning and evening.
But I can’t promise anything. :slight_smile:

I can’t today since I’m getting familiar with the vassal interface for DBA. Pivoting and rotating rulers and wheeling aid, etc. It’s not that bad at all. Not much more cumbersome than DBAonline.