De Bellis Vassalus

I read the rulebook but have never actually played I was wondering if anyone would like to play with a beginner.

I’d always like to play… :slight_smile:

Time and date? :smiley:
I am GMT+2

I am east coast United states which is -3 GMT I believe. which if true would be 5 hours between us.

I can check on randomly because I am never sure of an exact time but if you say a good time I will try to be on then.

Ah wonderful time zone confusion! I think US east coast is GMT -5 and because of daylight saving time it’s -4 atm.

I could be online every evening and early night this week.

I would say from 8pm on which would be 2pm for you. Is that okay for you?

Sorry about the time mess up, sure 2 PM is a good time. I will check on then for some days.