Deck Global Key Command window missing Key Command attribute

When I open a Deck Global Key Command window, it is missing the Key Command entry attribute (the Key command does not show). It is even missing from the picture of the Deck GKC on page 77 of the Vassal 3.1 Designer’s Guide. However, under the second point in “Deck Global Key Command (GKC)” on that page, it lists a Keyboard Command as an attribute. How do I get around this problem?

Model: PC - self built
OS: Windows 10
CPU: AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor
Memory: 32 GB Ram
Video: GeForce GTX 680
VASSAL: 3.2.16
Java: Version 8, update 91
Module: programming a module for Battle of the Bulge 1944

This is a bug in

the keyboard storage attribute somehow got dropped off. If you use the Deck GKC you will see an empty entry on your deck when you right click the deck - that is your global command. Joel this needs to be fixed.