Deck Global Key Commands - assigning keyboard commands

I have assigned a deck a (or rather three different) Deck GKC that moves 1 card to a specific location (all cards have the Send to Location Trait). I can use this GKC by right clicking the deck and it works as intended. But, I can’t seem to do this by keyboard command. There simply is no way to set this up in the Deck GKC menu.

The Designer’s Guide (pg 77) has this to say:

Deck Global Key Command (GKC)
This Trait adds an action that applies a key command to pieces contained within the Deck, similar to the Global Key Command
component of a Map Window. Each Deck GKC has these attributes.
 Menu Command: Name of the Command Menu item.
 Keyboard Command: Keyboard shortcut of the menu item that
initiates the command.
 Global Command: The key command that will be applied to the
Cards in the Deck.

However, in reality (as well as in the screenshot on the same page) there is no item between “Menu Command” and “Global Command”. Am I missing anything? Or is there a workaround?