Deck Hotkey Fails to Work in Saved Games

I think I found a bug with deck hotkeys in saved games in Vassal 3.5.4

I have a draw deck and a discard deck. When the draw deck empties, it sends a hotkey to the discard deck and that transfers the discards back to the draw deck.

This works fine as long as the game has not been saved. If I load a saved game, the draw deck either fails to send a hotkey to the discard deck of the discard deck is ignoring it as the discards do not transfer.

To test this, I manually transferred all but one card to the discard deck. I then saved the game. Before closing, I had a player draw the last remaining card and the discards transferred over correctly. I then closed and loaded the saved game. When I had a player draw the last remaining, no discard transfer occurred.

PS. I forgot to mention that we do not drag cards off a deck. The deck is in a hidden window and we draw cards via Global Key Command. I don’t know if that makes a difference but I did not test the issue by dragging a card off the deck.

We have identified a couple of bugs in 3.5.4 which are probably causing the problem. If you are on right now, could you try the VASSAL-3.5.5-SNAPSHOT-03ca6cd-14290-DeckWrecker build at If not, no problem, you should find 3.5.5 released shortly which will likely fix the problem. If not, let us know!

I actually used the


…and that seems to have solved the problem