Deck Send Key Command

There is a sub-component of a deck called a “deck send key command.” First off, I assume that cards are sent off the top of the deck if not auto-shuffled. The docs don’t say.

But my question is: There is an undocumented checkbox at the bottom of this component called “ Send Cards.” It does not open up any sub-fields. Does anyone know what it does?

This part at least I can confirm to be the case, based on some testing in a recent thread.

I would defer to the folks in the code day-in, day-out to confirm, but it looks like this might be the stub of something never actually implemented. Can’t see any indication of it here.

The cards should be sent in the same order as if you picked them off manually.

Initial inspection of the code indicates that that is actually supposed to say ‘Apply any apply-on-move key commands for destination map’.

I’ll get that fixed.

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