Deck (some) becoming inaccessible

Lenovo AIO A330
Win 10 64bit
intel i5 6200U 2.3GHz
Intel video ?
Vassal 3.4.7 to 3.4.11 (not checked earlier versions yet)
Java - irrelevant and in built to Vassal
Module WiF CE Maps and Units Ver 2_33.vmod … sp=sharing
Saved game with issue: … .vsav?dl=0
Go to Egypt area, hex numbers 2103 & 1203

DO NOT save this game back to dropbox.

A variable issue. I use(d) a lot of decks to enable transfer (as in send to) from one map to another (main maps to separate ‘off’ map and vice versa). Initially these were placed on the applicable on map hex. While I changed these decks by eliminating most of them and relocating the remainder to off the map do remember that Vassal does not reflect these changes in any saved games.

The problem is that some of the on map decks become unusable, in that any counters in/on them become unavailable for use. You cannot send them anywhere and you cannot draw them out of the deck. This can be worked around for at least the top unit in each affected deck - as that is the only counter you can see (even with mouse over). If other counters are there you have no idea as to what they are. Updating the counters to the new module version introduces random deck lock outs. As in, what was working, now doesn’t.

There was no problem up to at least early Nov 2020. I’ve updated my particular module a couple of times since then but have not changed the new deck configuration.

So, I wonder if the issue is with Vassal? I’m definitely not sure about that, but I thought I would post the matter for due consideration and debate. I, for one, am befuddled.