DeckPosition Bug ?


I have a problem with the DeckPosition feature. I explain my problem :
I launch a Deck Global Key Command on a Deck with property “valor = 50” for all pièces (valor is a marker) : the result is the selection of the cards 50 (it’s ok)
That’s launch a Trigger Action with “Top Arrow” (The cards 50 send to top of my deck : it’s allright) and run a global key command.
The gkc with match properties DeckPosition==1 (all pièces) normally select the top card and launch a new trigger (1 for a send location and 1 for a count). With this gkc : No Work.
I modify this gkc with match properties CurrentMap=“Main Map” (fixed 1 pièce) : result all my cards 50 are send to location (I want just the top card).

The property DeckPosition no work ? I don’t understand why ?.. And I don’t understand why the match properties fixed with 1 piece select all cards 50 and no just 1 ?

Help Me Please :blush:

My Vassal Version 3.2.11

ps: sorry for my poor English but i’m french…