decks are not in sync

hello to everybody,

I created a prototype using Vassal. Everything was working fine, but I now have the following problem:

I have three decks and many tiles. When I begin a match, me and my adversary can see the movement of each other’s tiles. But this doesn’t happen with the decks.

We see in the chat the line that describes the taking and movement of the card of the deck of the adversary, but the card never appears (masked or unmasked is the same) on the other client.

So I can see my cards, and my adversary can see his cards, but we can’t see each other’s cards.

I made the module using vassal 3.1.13 on linux.

Anybody has any idea?

Thus spake “eux”:

You might try this with 3.1.14, which is the current version.


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hi everybody,

I installed the new vassal version and have been trying for the past three weeks to have two players see each other’s card.

No way… not even if the card is turned face up. The two games are in sync because when one or the other moves a card of the deck I can see in the logs the sharing of an info that is more or less like this:

  • ? moves oc → offboard *
  • ? moves offboard → offboard *
    (oc is the name of the deck)

The ingame chat is also well in sync.

I prepared a debug ultra light version of a module with a deck, I used .zip extension but you can rename the file in .vmod. Can someone please help me to understand what I’m making wrong?

Please please please

Just because you can see what the other is doing in the chat log does not
mean you are synched to the game.

Please describe exactly the steps you are taking to synch your game.
The process is described in depth in the User manual which can be found
under Help. If you are not doing what is described in there then your game
is not synched

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Go to the Mask trait on your cards.

Near the Bottom, you’ll see Display Style. Select Use Image and repeat the image you have above it. Does that solve your problem?

I’m sorry, I’m an idiot, a RTFM answer is what I deserved. I’ve been messing with the sync process. Everything works good when I make things as they are ment to be done.

sorry again guys :blush:

No need to apologize. I’ve had fits over a supremely simple problem on a number of occasions. It happens to all of us.