Decks & Cards with Cargo

Hi all;
I have been utilising the Mat & Cargo Traits for this Game so that the Cards can move about the boards with playing pieces (Dice) on them. I have found something peculiar which could be annoying if trying to play this game.

If a player were to inadvertently click & drag a card with one or more Dice on it (Mat & Cargo) to over a Deck, the card can disappear underneath the deck (see images)



The Decks are configured to accept ONLY cards which originated from those Decks but regardless of the cards origin this problem occurs. I experimented with this and depending how close to the centre of the Deck you are when releasing the mouse button the card can actually disappear beneath the Deck and be extremely difficult if not impossible to retrieve.

Changing the Deck Properies makes no Difference…

An Expression with DeckName doesn’t work because the Mat with Cargo is not actually in the Deck. MatNumCargo won’t work unless it is within the Mat itself.

My workaround to prevent this from happening was to create a Zone for each Deck and a Trigger Action with an expression to exclude the Mat with Cargo from entering this Zone. The Trigger activates a Send To Location that returns the Mat with it’s Cargo to the previous location.

Soooo… a Bug or is this expected behaviour?

In general, pieces are drawn in the order they have been added to the current game.

You can modify this using Game Piece Layers (GPLs), but Deck’s do not ‘know’ about GPLs, the will always display in the extra floating layer above all pieces that define a layer, along with any other pieces that don’t define a Layer.

Normally, Decks being defined at game start, they end up first in the piece list (They are treated like a single ‘special’ piece for drawing. The fact that your Mats are being drawn before the Deck makes me think that your Mat piece has been defined in an At-Start Stack and you have defined this At-Start stack in the module BEFORE the Deck If this is the case, try moving the At-Start Stack down below the Deck in the Module Editor AND start a new fresh game (not a save game of pre-defined setup)… This should move the Mat after the Deck in the piece order and have the Mat draw above the Deck. (Fingers crossed).

Ideally, Decks should be be able to specify a Game Piece Layer that they belong to.


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Hello Brent thanks for your help;

The Mats are actually Cards so are part of a Deck. There are three Decks two of which, the Cards have the Mat Trait. This only happens when the Cards (Mats) have the Dice on them (Cargo). It is possible that someone might try and drag one of these cards loaded with Dice to their Deck of origin and lose them, the dice are on the Card which is underneath the Deck, it would wreck the game. This is why have added the Zones around the Decks so that if a Mat is MatNumCargo > 0 it is blocked from the Deck. It works well enough but is something to Keep in mind if a Designer Wants a Deck of cards to have the Mat Trait I guess.

That would be great but I don’t think that can be done can it? By coincidence I have assigned a Game Piece Layer Layer = Deck might that cause some trouble also?

Thank you for your time.