Defunct Custom Code - Offensive a Outrance

Hi there, I am new to Vassal and am trying to play a module called Offensive a Outrance. It is giving me an error of “Defunct Custom Code” when trying to load the module. Other modules are loading fine. If anyone is able to help me get this working, I would greatly appreciate it.

OS: Windows 10
Vassal Version: 3.6.15
Module: Offensive a Outrance v4
Java Version: unknown

The custom code in that module has never been updated to work with Vassal 3.6. Try 3.5.8. If that doesn’t work, try 3.4.13.

Alternatively, you could contact the module’s maintainer about updating the code.

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Is there some way to message directly? I can see the person’s name on the module, but it doesn’t link to anything.

Also, where would I find older versions of Vassal to try with this module?


Where did you get that module? I don’t see it on the wiki under “O”…
Older VASSAL versions are available here…more specifically, 3.5.8 is here, while 3.4.13 is here.

You can have multiple versions of VASSAL installed on Windows if you choose a custom install and use a different location for each version.

The full title of the module is “1914: Offensive a Outrance”.

The maintainer is Peter Dietrich. His email address is not listed on the Vassal page, but I found him on BGG as user pdietrich. I did not contact him.

If you visit the module’s page when logged in, you will see that the maintainer’s name is a link to his email address.

I didn’t realize that I wasn’t logged in!

Thanks everyone for the help. The module seemed to load with 3.5.8 with a warning that certain code was out of date. But it appears that I will still be able to use it. I will try the earlier version recommend if I still have problems.