Delay on approving Module


I have submitted a 2nd Edition of the Module Origins of World War 1 in April, 15 uploading also some screenshots and editing the comments.

While the images and comments were promptly approved and published, the vmod file still is not published, which is not normal (at least from the former experience with other modules I have published). I don’t understand if I made something wrong or is it a simple delay.

My question is: whom could I contact to know if there is any problem and how.

Thank you in advance

José Miguel

As far as I can tell, the new file was submitted, and you edited the Wiki page, but you failed to actually add a link to the new file to the module page. You need to copy the entry for the existing (old) module version, and change the copy to match your new filename, “Origins of World War One Diceless Version v2.0.vmod”

I don’t have admin access to the wiki, so someone with that access might see something different…

Thanks for the hint.

I have tried again. I am not quite sure if I did it well this time. Let’s hope it works…

I just noticed you removed access to the old version of the module when you edited the wiki page. Was that intentional? Is there no reason for anyone to prefer the older version?

I don’t know how to keep the older version; it was not intentional.

if the edit erased it - it was erased.
I can pull it back but I only follow what you designers do when you edit for approval and compare who did what,
I only reject alterations when it affects someone’s else’s module…

I, for one, don’t know why older versions need to be kept for most modules.
By this, I don’t mean modules that are inherently different from one another, but modules that have simply been updated to fix errors and such.

Older versions sometimes matter for troubleshooting, and also for loading saved games and logs.

There’s no reliable way to tell at the time of release of a newer version whether an older one will be needed later.

In this particular case rthe newer version was some sort of 2nd Edition; it plays differently so it would be worthwhile to keep both.

Could you pleas pull it back?

Thank you very much,


José Miguel

give me the page link and i will review

Thank you so much

Origins of WorldWar 1


Looks like you changed 1.4 to 2.0 yourself. I will bring 1.4 back and make it available again as well

Thank you Tim

Your support at Vassal is great!