Delayed Notes Flaky Online Play

I was just playing Container with three players online. The “Delayed Notes” feature flaked out pretty bad. Me and “player2” were making our first “Delayed Notes” entries around the same time as a secret bid. On my screen, the other player’s note never arrived. But, I could see in the chat window that my note was created, followed by a message that MY note was created by the player2…and then another message that player2’s note was created…still not showing on my screen after multiple close-open cycles. Then it showed up…Then it disappeared again for good. Player3 was eventually able to see both records after they were “revealed”.

To me, this looks like some kind of database record-locking issue that allows simultaneous record saves to corrupt each other.

This does not surprise me. There is no online concurrency control in V3 for anything. In most situations, it resolves without being a problem (e.g. if we both move a unit at the same time it ends up where one of us put it). But certain activities like creating delayed notes at the same time will ‘cross-over’ and cause issues.

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Oooh…thanks so much for the insight. So, what do you recommend, some kind of procedural work-around or similar at the design level?

Pretty much. Be aware of the problem and get people to create their delayed notes one after the other. This feature was mainly used in PBEM games where the issue doesn’t arise.

I guess if it is a standard setup thing, you could organise some sort of phase counter that tells you whose turn it is to create the notes,

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