Deleting Counters

I have "Pre-Defined"setups in my mod the Problem is I don’t have a “Basic” setup that can be modified.So after correcting the counters I need to delete the counters that are on the Order of battle cards,or is there a way to copy the map and all the components to make a "Basic"setup?

heres the mod … 2_adj.vmod

Thank you again for the help.

Set this up as a pre-defined setup, but where it asks you to specify a file, just leave it as ‘null.’ This will make the module use the default game setup.

I Tried that but the OOB charts are the old ones where you cant adjust the numbers how do I set the default game Peramerters?

Ok I got it figured out. I had made counters that go over the OOB cards so I made the Null file then saved the counters on the charts then saved the file thanks again couldn’t do it with out your guys help.