Deleting old Vsav files from Module

Hi. I’m trying to upload a module that is too big, > 250 mb. The module has been to large for most of its development in spite of my efforts at minimizing components and clearing the clutter.
I unzipped a version, finally, and found all (?) the previous vsav (scenario) files in the module even though I’ve deleted the Pre-Defined scenario files during its development - to create new ones from scratch.
How do you ensure that vsav files are removed from the module? Also noticed that the charts I deleted are still present in the mod.
(PS Joel I sent you a bloated version via WeTransfer)

Deleting items in the Editor is not the same thing as deleting actual files linked to those items and saved inside the module.

Remember that VASSAL modules are merely renamed ZIP archives. Open your module using any competent archiving software (for Windows, I strongly recommend 7-Zip) and simply delete the unneeded .vsav files from the ZIP archive. If you use a quality piece of software it is not necessary to do any file extension modification.

Aside: You will likely find that .vsav files are a tiny fraction of a 250+ MB module’s size. Removing stale ones–while useful–is unlikely to net you much file size reduction. Large image files will be the bulk of it.

You sent that to me, not @JoelCFC25. I had been wondering why I got it.

One thing you should try if you have not already is Remove Unused Images, which you’ll find under the Tools menu.

I had no knowledge of this situation prior to reading the post, so I wasn’t expecting to receive anything! :slight_smile:

“I have no recollection of these events, Senator.”

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That said, if the piece x trait count is high, a vsav can easily be 500kb. Still, you need to be well into 3 figures for the Predefined Setup file count to nudge 200Mb+ for the module.

There’s 31MB of stuff that Remove Unused Images finds, but you should check that all of those things are truly not used anywhere.

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Thanks. Will do that. I thought that when I deleted the old “predefined scenarios” from the mod, refreshed & re-saved that would do the trick. Will remove them from the ZIP archive. Although, looking at the file the image file is mostly the problem. Such as…Compass wants the charts removed before upload. I deleted the “Charts” window in the mod but they remain in the image file. I’ll follow suggestions given & see if I can get it down to a manageable level. Thx Cavan

Thx. Sorry a bout that. CC

Deleted the old Vsav files and the charts from the image folder. But now it’s not recognized as a “valid Vassal module”.

Went back a version. Found all the charts in the Removed Unused Images list so did that refreshed. File probably has a bunch of older non-“1.2” vsav files in it but it was under the limit. Uploaded the module.